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Rate the opinions of real people on the muscle stimulator 89a. The seller promises weight reduction and thinning of the fat layer with regular wearing of the device. Indicates the convenience, safety and savings compared with gym. To understand how much truth in the promises, will help opinions of ordinary buyers and professional coaches.

Description of the stimulator 89a

Characteristics. Muscle stimulator 89a is a compact exerciser for building muscle and losing weight (depending on the goals involved), the novelty of 2017. Creates a light, harmless to the body electrical impulses. Acts on the muscles, the impulses cause them to shrink. Has small size, invisible under clothing, suitable for wearing on the street and in the office. Charging requires no works on replaceable batteries, for efficiency, a smart workout routine in the gym.

What is included in the kit. The main element is the trainer, made of quality silicone and equipped with electrodes. The electrodes are separated from the body of the gel pads, so skin contact do not come. In addition to the trainer-the butterfly stomach, the package includes two compact pads on the hands, feet, and side abdominal muscles. To fitness set is attached detailed instruction in Russian language. You can order a gel for better adhesion with the skin.

How it works. Under the influence of electric impulses the muscles contract and relax at a certain frequency and intensity. These parameters vary in accordance with the selected mode of operation, a total of 15. 89a – full replacement of the ordinary in the gym, but it can be used as a complement to them. Over a month of daily use improves muscle relief, reduced weight, thinner body fat, accelerates metabolism.

Instruction in the use of mittenaar 89a

  1. To strengthen the trainer preferably on a clean area of the body. Main areas of study – the abdomen, chest muscles, biceps and triceps. In order to lose weight universal stimulator is mounted on the belly, the side abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs. Fixation is ensured by silicone gasket.
  2. On the simulator to choose the right program, turn on the stimulator. It will then work for 23-25 minutes, until the program is over, the muscle stimulator will turn off automatically.
  3. One session a day is enough for 20 minutes of application of the simulator to replace a half hour of training. Improve the shape to wait for about two weeks of continuous use.

Contraindications. Restrict the use of the 89a required in those cases that any device operating on the principle myostimulation. Is: pregnancy, chronic cardiovascular disease, mental illness, post-surgery, varicose veins, open wounds or skin rashes on exposure.

Results. Regular use of the muscle stimulator causes changes in several areas at the same time. After months of training:

  • losing weight and decreases the thickness of the fat layer;
  • physical endurance increases by 10-20%;
  • shaped muscular elevation, the waist becomes thin and toned;
  • improves flexibility of muscles and ligaments stretch easier;
  • when you focus on specific muscles they increase in volume.

A key requirement to achieve results – not to reduce load time and increase. Further, you can proceed with daily activities 3-4 times a week, increasing the number of sessions to two or three. This is optimal for building muscle.

To evaluate the effectiveness of belt 89a will best help opinions by real people. Below are honest customer opinions, including negative.

Claims to 89a the opinions of real buyers

The majority of the feedback about the trainer positive. But there are also negative causes of which are:

  • improper use of a muscle stimulator, a violation of the user;
  • acquiring substandard devices on questionable sites.
  • big breaks, use of this facility from time to time, but not constantly;
  • short period of use, is insufficient to have an effect.

Here are a few examples, and then move on to objective opinions and consider the opinions of doctors about the use of the simulator.

“Belly fat is not lost”

Used regularly every day for 20 min., as stated in the instructions. After a week, results weren’t. Judging by the scales, I lost a kilogram and a half, but no more. No further use, the device disappointed, a complete divorce.

“Broke almost immediately”

It took a gym belt, chose something cheap, offered, ordered and received in the mail. Strained from the fact that the simulator unpleasant smell was coming from. But I tried anyway. Fine at first, sort of worked. And on the third day, it’s sorry shit refused to turn on. Changed the batteries – to no avail. Perhaps it was necessary to take the official website now, but there is more, and so the deception ran.

“Loads do not feel”

At first it felt like the belt for training muscles get tired. The tone was markedly improved. But 2 weeks after she’s used to it. More special voltage not to notice. Continue to use pointless.

Belt 89a — opinions and the results of real people


Could not 4 months to the gym. To recover, bought an electric muscle stimulator. Use a month, weight decreased by 4 kg, the belly fat went away almost completely and returned to the previous state. Continue to work with 89a, will soon return to full training.


Used and the belt, and additional lining. Belt press helps better outline. But I like that the muscles grow. Just a pity that the compact lining on both the biceps and triceps not fall short. You have to pump through the day.


Are unable to engage in active sport because of joint problems. Was the weight gain even on a strict diet. I bought a belt. Much easier to keep yourself in shape, because to do turns and lying on the couch. Is the effect: a couple of months from all the excess weight got rid of, was to weigh 56 kg at growth 168 see I use conveniently. But for greater effect, beginning twice a day to wear.


Waist wonderful tool. It is desirable to combine c with a suitable diet, although the benefits will probably be. I have over one and a half months tightened considerably, a few centimeters missing. Which is nice, skin is not left flabby, usually because of the simple diets. No wonder – it is a means of training, not just burning fat. The press would not have pumped in a short time.


Bought as an addition to training. Are in the gym regularly, but recently began to notice that the progress there. 89a added bump on my stomach, and I used the mitts. Gigantic muscles grew, but the definition appeared just wonderful. Safely, long wait is not necessary, you can use during your vacation. After a workout I don’t feel tired, study of the muscles feel.


Ordinary diets difficult to get rid of some lacks of a figure. Wrinkles on his tummy remains, no matter how do. And hips I wanted to correct. Bought a muscle stimulator. Until the end I didn’t, but noticed a change for the better in a few weeks. The skin is thinned, the shape stood out more.


Perfect for people that lack the time or opportunity to regularly go to the gym. Training does not take up much time, for them to choose optional a special time. Came home, pinned, sit train. With food, of course, no need to overdo it. Hardly ever really get that perfect figure, when a solid fat products. But if replaced by protein, eat more vegetables, 89a you model will turn without any problems.


Anxious to improve the body get pumped. Read the opinions, many, where he wrote that it is impossible in a short period of time. One testimonial came across a story about this interesting device. Earlier produced something like a belt at the waist. But there fixing the other, weak. The muscles of emphasis no. 89a is much more effective, external effect, in the application easier. Because when it engaged, not hot. Reduce strong, holding tight. Liked the look for a couple of months improved. Had to do this, especially to try, which is nice.


The idea seemed a failure. Looks good too. Dared to try, and this was one of the most important decisions in life! Regularly catching only 20 minutes, and it is on this period is the cycle of operation of the device, was able to lose 7 pounds in 8 weeks. Anything else in my life has not changed, tried as well, walked to the gym did not go.


Don’t know if I 89a for the pumping muscle mass. But to burn fat will certainly fit all, if there are no contraindications. Now I know for sure, how brilliant, along with the basic product. Convenient to use, work can and the stomach, and separate the muscles, if you mount them on the brackets. Lying on the couch, of course, is not necessary. But do not have to strain.

89a – opinions by real people in social networks


Started to meet a lot of opinions, which praised 89a. I wanted to try, had to find out where to buy. It turned out, our city is not for sale. And can be ordered only online. Sorry, usually do not buy anything over the Internet. But since there was no other choice, I went to the site, which, judging by the description, belonged to the manufacturer. To make a booking, it took me 15 minutes. Left information about themselves, the Manager called back, said the terms of delivery. Weeks passed, 89a turned to me.

Included, in addition to butterflies and linings, was the gel. As I understand it, a gift to securely fix the device. But without the gel works well. According to the results all right. Lost is not particularly strong in the month, three kilograms. But the visual changes are huge. The muscle stimulator not only burns fat. When muscles grow. So part of the weight returned in the form of muscle mass. Happy with the purchase. Continue to use now and if not broken, will continue to train further.


Myostimulation – known method that is widely used in physiotherapy. The usefulness of the procedures is completely proved. You can’t deny the fact that confirmed by the doctor. The only thing I was confused about before buying the absence of contraindications. Written everywhere in the opinions, the manufacturer also says so. I think it is wickedness. Muscle stimulation have an impact not only on muscles but also heart rhythm. If a person has a right heart, won’t hurt him. But in cardiovascular diseases and the presence of a pacemaker is better not to risk it. I may be wrong, and all the innocent.

A sample was taken. Is inexpensive, and you can throw away. Not bad. Was that 89a became my favorite pet trainer. Even a simulator can’t be called. Youth says “cheating.” You need to put on the problem area and turn on, wait for the end of the cycle. Switches off the device himself. No sweat, additional costs, prying eyes, like in the gym. And the result is. The relief becomes more distinct, less fat. Weight decreased by 2 kg.


Together diet and 89a exactly work well. In opinions sometimes exaggerate the possibility of a device called a panacea for the lazy. I don’t think so. We must not only be lazy but to work on yourself. Through proper nutrition and carry a muscle stimulator for two months was able to lose 13 kg.

Use now together with her husband. Bought originally myself, but he saw the changes in my body, I decided to try. However, first put on the hands. Then he began on his stomach to strengthen the butterfly. There is a small cushion of fat – it is useful. As for me, practically ceased to do: only to prevent rarely include. It seems, then it makes no sense. Order with the figure. Left to yourself, maintain a healthy diet and to enjoy a normal, pleasant activity: to walk, to swim, to ski.

89a – opinions of the people


As the years began to deteriorate the skin on the hands. Flabby arms – a sign of old age. Took 89a little to improve the appearance and prolong youth. In the kit there are special pads, two pieces. Wore daily, worked sometimes once, sometimes two intervals. Will tell you, the effect is definitely there. And like physical work in life was engaged, and such changes were not seen. The skin tightened, began to match the well-kept face and neck.


Confused by the lack of devices in ordinary stores. Buying online not knowing what to be afraid of. Persuaded to take this thing good opinions. That is, how can so many people be wrong. Used in the complex, all items sent in the package. Lost a few pounds had almost flat stomach, toned legs. And only trained for two months. At first it ached a bit overworked region. But it is correct.


Not sure if 89a experienced athletes. I, as a beginner, I liked everything. Bother do not need to pay for the subscription too, to buy something not necessary. It’s easy to switch modes. Gradually increases the intensity so that the muscles do not have time to adapt. The result is visible in the mirror. Plus grow strength, and is evidence of the health of the device.


Contraindicated diet, exercise and tried to do. But, as everyone wanted to look good. The feedback from the forums about the figure recommended 89a. Were, indeed, mere pennies. Maybe I should have just order additional gel attachment. But, like, without him I would not subsides. Mainly used on press. Fat was noticeably less than a month and a half. By the way, the digestion improved. Don’t know what it is?


Some blamed the trainer for method of purchase. After all, you need to leave the order, wait, then pick up at the post office. I like this option. If you just take the manufacturer, is a guarantee of quality. To find the resource, however, is hard. Thanks, opinions help. With the use of no problems, the effect is felt. With a figure improving appear quickly, within a month it became literally a different person. Weight decreased by 4 kg.

opinions about  89a

Anatoly Efimov, experience 12 years

Method of training using myostimulation effective and that are particularly popular with ordinary people, does not require any exertion and effort. Devices like muscle stimulation in the market abound. But I like 89a, since only it incorporates the principle of local action on muscles.

It is useless to apply the pulses from the entire area of the body such as the abdomen. You need to work on “cubes”, as they call them. The anatomically correct shape of the device allows it to do perfectly. Little petals is ideal for training hand muscles, eliminate cellulite on the legs. To purchase recommended!

Maria Isaenko, experience 6 years

When people come into the room, they originally high motivation. With each lesson, gradually decreases. Training look for immediate improvements, not realizing that the body needs time to rebuild. For building body needs to work regularly. As a great addition to training at the gym or athletics will be 89a. Why?

First, it does not have to strain. This people of course like. Second, the apparent simplicity of such class factor to keep you motivated constantly. Perfect if you’re walking to class, and use the device. But individually, each method of improve the shape good.

Nikita Vasilevskiy, the experience of 10 years

89a is useful if there is no opportunity to actively engage. Face it, not everyone is ready for sports activities. Poor health, lack of time, the complexes about appearance, why not giving to devote himself entirely to training. For athletes, the injured, incompatible with training, 89a is required to use. Does not lose the form, and after healing the trauma allows you to quickly return to duty. The main thing is to buy quality product and use it constantly. Large gaps in the training process will destroy all earlier progress.

opinions of doctors and specialists 89a

“An effective method of burning fat”

89a has not just local, and the General effect on the body. Myostimulation long-known ability to improve metabolism, increase vitality. It is used in the treatment of neurological diseases, injuries, sprains, inflammation. Regular and reasonable exercise belt for weight loss will surely reduce weight and improve the shape.

Anatoly Medvednikov, therapist

“To keep the body in good shape”

With a lack of physical activity muscle stimulation a good alternative. Better, of course, if you are going to get loads of in a natural way, but on the effect of 89a is no worse than Jogging, pumping press and barbell lifting. The main thing – do not overdo it, as prolonged exposure to electric currents, can hurt people with certain chronic diseases.

Anna Litvintseva, nutritionist

“Good Supplement to basic training”

First and foremost I recommend 89a those who are and engaged in the gym. A comprehensive study of the body promotes rapid pumping of the body and accelerating muscle growth. My advice: 3 times a week go to the gym, and the rest 4 days – wear a belt.

Evgeniy Makeev, fitness instructor

What conclusion can we make?

The Ems zone Trainer is effective and harmless for health. Ideal manifests itself in the modeling of the body at home. Does not require sports. Only be purchased on the website of the manufacturer not to obtain a fake. Promotional price – 990 rubles Payment in the mail. For all other questions you free answer consultants website. Communication through the order form.

Customer questions 89a

Does the AB trainer?

Of course. The effectiveness is confirmed by theoretical research, experiments and practice of thousands of people whose experience is represented in the opinions Usovice and other forums.


Atlanta, OOO. Details details and address of the organization stated on its official website.

What is the weight of the muscle stimulator

Weight of parcel less than 1 kg. The exact figure varies depending on configuration.

How to use, manual

The AB trainer applied instruction in Russian. According to her, 89a is applied to the problem area and included 20-25 mins Off the device yourself at the end of the program.

In which cities and countries for sale

In Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhnevartovsk, Vladivostok, Penza, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Ufa, Perm, Saratov. Sold in Belarus and Ukraine, including Donetsk. If you can not find your city in the list, the mail order delivery on the website of the manufacturer.

This belt is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes, this is the same belt 89a as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a new model. Stars use every opportunity to look good.

Is there a pharmacy?

No. Sold in the online store of the manufacturer.

How much is the price?

The official site of the manufacturer of the complete belt is offered at promotions and discount for 990 RUB at the moment. The actual cost to find out directly on the website or from the operator, request a call back.

Where can I buy mitinger 89a

The original 89a is only sold on the official website. Other resources are sold poor quality copies and outright fakes. Moreover, the cost can often be higher.

How to order electric muscles stimulator

  1. On the official website to fill out an order form, leaving the name and phone number.
  2. Click the button “Order”.
  3. Wait 5-10 min. to answer the call of the operator.

Any questions related to the trainer 89a, you can ask the operator. Not necessarily something to enjoy. Consultation by phone is free regardless of your location. For advice, follow all the same steps.

Attention! In order not to run into a fake, order 89a only on the official website of the manufacturer. Then to be disappointed is not necessary.

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