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89a: overview of muscle stimulator to train abdominal muscles and back, it application features, package contents, price, and more. The problem of sagging skin and the appearance of cellulite peel face many. Often, these shortcomings are associated with physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle. For staying in good shape requires regular exercise and an unwavering desire to improve, however not all have enough time to visit the gym. For those who do not have opportunities every day to exercise, invented an effective and easy-to-use device – muscle stimulator 89a. This unit helps to fight obesity and to pump up the press in the shortest possible time.

The 89a device works in the following way: the belt causes the contraction of muscle tissue in to her impulses. This device 89a is a real godsend for those who wish to get a perfect relief of the torso without any training. The process of inflating the muscles occurs passively, meaning that you no longer have to spend time maintaining their shape. In use, the belt can be engaged in household chores or relaxing watching TV. Researchers have tried to do everything possible to owners I would not feel comfortable during the “training” and learned from personal experience that a beautiful body can be created without a grueling workout at the gym.

Just one month of regular use 89a belt you can easily obtain excellent result that previously seemed unattainable.

Belt 89a functions similarly to the human nervous system. The device reduces the muscles due to impulses that are sent to the electrodes. The machine must be placed on problem areas of the body. Belt recommended for use, as if there is a problem extra pounds and for its prevention. It is also suitable for those who want to strengthen the muscles and gain muscle mass.

The muscle stimulator affects the nerve endings – so there is a muscle contraction that helps to stimulate blood flow and normalization of metabolism.

  • Stomach area and back area;
  • Hands;
  • Feet;
  • Breast;
  • Thighs.

The belt is convenient because it does not cause discomfort, and therefore, the process of weight loss and inflating of muscles may occur at any time: at work, on vacation, at home, in the hotel. Device development was done by American scientists, however, it is worth noting the fact that the open Soviet Scientific research Institute played a role in creating muscle stimulator 89a.

The zone promotes the burning of fat in muscle recovery after atrophy, the formation of the beautiful relief on the body without any effort. The muscle stimulator can also be used as cold. It makes the skin smooth, attractive, saturates it with oxygen.

Muscle tissue is reduced under the influence of the minimum pulse that is completely safe for the human nervous system. For the use of the muscle stimulator resembles a typical session in the gym, but in fact the owner of the belt does not need to do in order to lose weight and bring your body back in order.

To speed up the effect of the application of the device, experts recommend to combine this process with additional exercises and review diet and prefer healthy food. If these recommendations are followed, you have the opportunity to attain a perfect body three times faster.

  • To improve the tone of muscle tissue;
  • For the prevention of congestive processes in the muscles;
  • To normalize the blood circulation;
  • To accelerate the exchange of substances at the cellular level;
  • To improve the efficiency of muscles.

Where to buy 89a and how much is muscle stimulator

Muscle stimulator 89a available for sale on the official website of the manufacturer. At the moment, universal belt sold at a discount, and the cost of 89a is only 1990 rubles. To order your product, leave contact information in the application. You will contact the Manager to clarify all the details and shipping. Price 89a are subject to the current discount allows you to buy a muscle stimulator 89a with 50% discount.

What is the feature of the muscle stimulator

The image of modern life leaves little opportunity for systematic training in the gym. A huge amount of time you have to devote to career and family, and the question of personal health and body condition is often undetected. As a result, many people have obesity, atrophy of muscle tissue and other unpleasant symptoms.

  1. Belt 89a designed specifically for people who want to look attractive, but are unable to engage in active sports. It has now become possible! You will gain a beautiful shape without much effort and long workouts.
  2. The device works autonomously, allowing you to move with him in any kind of terrain.
  3. The muscle stimulator ENS-Trainer boasts a compact and contemporary stylish design. A nice bonus – the unit will switch off automatically. This is useful if the device is used in close proximity to other people.

What distinguishes the muscle stimulator 89a from peers? Mitinger of the brand developed on a patented technology. Effective and harmless effect of impulses on the muscle tissue promotes the accelerated breakdown of fat cells. With a belt you can get rid of “orange peel” and make the figure look more attractive.

With belt 89a no longer need to choose between work, family and training. To secure a nice body, enough for 20 minutes of passive “workouts” a day. This is a great opportunity to save free time and money on a gym membership.

How does the belt 89a

Numerous opinions on the muscle stimulator 89a once again confirm the high efficiency of the device. After reviewing the user experience, it can be concluded that the zone does provide quick fat burning and increases the muscle tone. The device works powerfully, lifts sagging skin, helps to quickly pump up the press.

  1. Operation of the muscle stimulator promotes the rapid elimination of excess weight thanks to the well-matched frequency of the produced pulses. Scientists have found the optimal indices of this magnitude (20 Hz) and developed a truly effective device for weight loss.
  2. Form of mittenaar follows the contours of the human body, and silicone-based belt makes its use pleasant and comfortable. The belt is easy to hide under clothing that allows for regular “workouts” even among the people. You can not worry about what others anything suspect.

Use the device to:

  • Strengthen the muscles;
  • Eliminate fat cells;
  • Of oxygen in the blood and improve blood circulation;
  • Reduce the volume of the body;
  • Enhance muscle tone and skin elasticity.

To be in good physical shape all use different techniques and equipment. Among them was a well-known muscle stimulator. The essence of the specified simulator in the vain pumping and develop muscles.

Despite the new features of the simulator, it was previously necessary for carrying out the process of rehabilitation among patients. But currently, this device is designed not only for rehabilitation but also for permanent use.

In the world of sales there are two types of muscle stimulation:

  • professional, which is the 89a;
  • household, for example AB Gymnic.

Professional have special settings required to achieve a high quality when working with this machine. Muscle stimulation before selling configures a medical worker who is knowledgeable in this area.

In contrast to “professional” appliances represented groups easy to use. In their system there are classical programs needed for the maintenance of muscle tone. For daily sports training equipment needed as background support.

In addition to the positive aspects of the device, like many medical innovations, there are contraindications.

  • suffering from drug and alcohol addiction;
  • pregnant;
  • mentally ill;
  • suffering from cancer;
  • with blood circulation;
  • suffering from tuberculosis;
  • suffering from viral illness;
  • suffering from heart disease.

Limitations show how such simulators are dangerous and why you need to carefully select the trainer based on the individual characteristics of the human body. Use safe zone 89a and improve.

In General, the zone of 89a has no significant contraindications. The device has high safety, however, the manufacturer does not recommend using mitinger people with weak heart. If you experience rashes and red spots on the skin, discontinue use of the device. In these cases it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Specialists 89a

Doctors tirelessly urge their patients to maintain an active lifestyle, because slim and toned body not everyone is given by nature – this needs to work. However, there are various reasons of failure from intense physical activity, and some of them are really good. If you can’t or don’t want to visit a gym, you should consider a great alternative – muscle stimulator 89a. Doctors recommend this device for obesity and weakening of the muscles. Mitinger 89a warms, massages and strengthens the muscle tissue in a short time.

Application instructions 89a

  1. Attach the belt to the problematic area of the body.
  2. Secure the device.
  3. On the control panel, set the optimum power mode.
  4. Remove mitinger 89a after automatic shutdown of the device.

A positive result is observed after the first applications of muscle stimulator is confirmed by the positive feedback about the zone of 89a.

  1. Warming up the muscle tissue.
  2. Accelerated breakdown of fat cells.
  3. Strengthening muscles due to the increased rate of operation of the device.
  4. Phase relaxation of muscles.

Total time unit is 23 minutes. The manufacturer recommends beginners to gradually increase the power of mittenaar to insure muscles from overexertion.

The results of the application 89a

After the first training you will notice positive changes:

  • The improvement of health;
  • Vigor and lightness in the body;
  • Increase endurance and efficiency.

A month of regular exercise with belt EMS-Treiner – this is an amazing opportunity to acquire a flat belly uploaded effortlessly and also to get rid of cellulite peels to improve the condition of the skin.

  • Cancer;
  • Bleeding;
  • The presence of a pacemaker;
  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Pregnancy/post-Natal period (2 months);
  • Postoperative period;
  • Acute chronic diseases.
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