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Description of the apparatus for myostimulation 89a – belt, allowing under the influence of electroimpulses to lose weight and form a beautiful relief of the body.

Perfect proportions, symmetrically pumped muscles, weight – the perennial problem, equally exciting men and women. What efforts are not being applied to form an elastic body. In some cases, it takes years of grueling training.

Come to the aid of modern technologies – EMS-training, facilitating the task of stimulation of muscle tissue occurs through electric impulses.

What solves the problem of simulator 89a

Muscle stimulator 89a is equally useful for male and female. Men belt will help:

  • to remove deposits of fat on the abdomen and extremities;
  • to pump the press, achieving the effect of blocks;
  • to maintain muscle tone;
  • to build muscle;
  • to improve strength and stamina.

Women regular use of the simulator will be useful for

  • getting rid of orange peel effect, looseness of the skin;
  • strengthen muscles,
  • give the skin elasticity;
  • weight loss without grueling training and dieting;
  • fat burning and shaping.

Muscle stimulator is useful for persons not able to attend gyms, not wanting to torture yourself with restrictions in food.

What is a device 89a

89a – portable electric stimulator for muscles, firming them in the waist and abdomen, and decrease body weight. It is designed for men and women, professional sportsmen and Amateurs. Unique design, small size, light weight, built-in battery enable you to use the device daily for 23 minutes at a convenient time, anywhere, without effort.

Muscle stimulator EMS is a silicone belt exercise machine, equipped with plates with electrodes. Developers provide additional nozzle in the form of petals, self-adhesive, with integrated electrodes. This allows you to use the device at the same time on different muscle groups:

  • the dorsal and pectoral;
  • abdomen;
  • biceps, triceps (arm), quadriceps (legs);
  • gluteal and calf.
Proven that 20 minutes of a muscle stimulator is equal to a full two-hour session in the gym. A month of regular use of the exerciser burns 5,000 calories.

How the device works 89a

Belt 89a created for those who want to have a beautiful muscular body, slender figure, but not having the opportunity daily to spend time in fitness centers. To form perfect figure, better skin tone, increase endurance, you should regularly not more than a quarter of an hour to wear trainer.

Mold the perfect body with muscle stimulator 89a

Thanks to the patented EMS technology-TPAINING takes deliberate stimulation of muscles using electrical impulses. The electric current signal, in which muscle contract or relax involuntarily. Muscle growth occurs without involvement of the brain, as a result of:

  • there is an intensive fat burning;
  • accelerated metabolic processes;
  • normal blood circulation;
  • increases lean muscle mass;
  • removal of cellulite;
  • improved the terrain of the body;
  • reabilitarea atrophied muscles;
  • becomes tighter the corset back;
  • the figure takes on a beautiful shape.

Using trainer 89a, there is no need to follow a diet, go to the gym. Visible results appear after a month of constant use zone. Proper nutrition and additional exercise will accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat.

Technical features 89a

muscle Stimulator EMS is made of high quality hypoallergenic material – silicone. The design is laid out in such a way that silicon simulator is able to repeat the relief of the body part on which it is installed. Electrodes that transmit the impulse is hermetically embedded inside a silicone shell. The kit includes a special gel sheets, contributing to a uniform and precise distribution of energy.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, belt is designed to operate in 4 modes with different intensity. To adjust the intensity in a large/smaller side in the training process.

Offline mode, compact size (can be discreetly hidden under clothing) allows you to use the belt while walking, working or shopping.

How to use muscle stimulator 89a

Mitinger 89a features simplicity and ease of use. Before the session you should carefully read the instructions and strictly follow the specified algorithm:

  1. Degrease alcohol solution and apply the gel phase, which will be installed belt. Gel lubricant ensure good conduction of electrical impulses and will secure the stimulator.
  2. Attach the simulator by pressing slightly on the petals from silicone.
  3. Turn on the simulator by pressing the corresponding button. Adjust the power. The device has 15 speeds, which makes it universal.
  4. At the end of the session remove the belt, wipe with a solution of alcohol, put the sheet storage and clean until the next use.

Professionals suggest to beginners the first two or three EMS-training carried out at low/medium power for about 10-15 minutes.

When you use a muscle stimulator in conjunction with other physical exercise enough 15-minute session. If the belt is used as an independent trainer, class time should not exceed 25 minutes.

A prolonged exposure to electrical current may cause irritation of the epidermis.

Recommendations on the use of 89a

Experienced athletes know that the main way forming a beautiful muscular body weight training. However, the muscle stimulator EMS will provide the same result without any extra effort. The simulator used in the following cases:

  • life is in the mode of constant time pressure, when at the gym or home occupation there is no time;
  • there is overweight;
  • strength training is prohibited for health reasons;
  • the skin has lost firmness and elasticity;
  • are stagnant processes in the muscles;
  • it is necessary at the cellular level to speed up the metabolism;
  • you need to improve performance or tone muscle.

Moreover, the effective influence of electric pulses speeds up the breakdown of fat cells, eliminating the effect of “orange peel” and making the figure more attractive.

The secret is proper training 89a

To achieve the maximum result in losing weight or building muscle it is important to correctly apply the 89a.

Experts advise to use the device daily, according to the program embedded in the device.

Smart technology EMS-TPAINING four phases of the training programmed for 23 minutes:

  • Period 1 – warm-up or preparation to effective fat loss;
  • Step 2 – run process active stimulation of fat cells by electric impulses;
  • Stage 3 – climax – rich the flow of electrical current starts the process of contraction of muscles, leading to their gradual growth;
  • Stage 4 – end of session – relaxation, aimed at preventing a pain syndrome.

Each cycle lasts 5 minutes and 30 seconds is the break between each stage. Break is necessary to restore and prepare the body for the next stage.

Not less important correctly to choose the power mode. It depends on the objectives of the class:

  • repair of muscle requires low power;
  • strength training is performed at the maximum frequency of the pulse;
  • pumping and muscle strengthening is done with a uniform increase in the mode;
  • the increase in General endurance of an organism is held under medium power.

In applying the device to burn fat and combat cellulite it is recommended to set the highest possible frequency, which will not have pain. Guaranteed results in a month. Real users note a reduction in mass by an average of 10 kg, decrease in waist 9 cm, hips 6, see If this does not occur the problem of the sagging skin and stretch marks.

An important condition to ensure quality and maximum effect, proper use of 89aa on various parts of the body:

  • for training the arms attach the unit to any external/internal surface biceps/triceps brachii;
  • for pumping belly mount exerciser alternately on the upper/lower part of the press;
  • to strengthen the lower extremities and burning fat place the belt to the front/back of the thigh, the gluteal region.

During the lessons the main thing – do not overdo it and use device strictly in accordance with the regulations. This will help in achieving the desired goals.

When to abandon the tens machine.

Because mytinger made of ecologically pure raw materials affects only the muscles and not involve the musculoskeletal system, it is considered safe and has no absolute contraindications.

However, you should limit the use of muscle stimulator in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • skin diseases of different etiology;
  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • infection occurring at high temperature;
  • the presence of stones in the urinary and gall bladders;
  • stretching and ruptures of ligaments and muscles;
  • child bearing;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • the high sugar content in the blood;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • disorder of the nervous system;
  • the postoperative course.
In addition, please refrain from using a belt in the exacerbation of chronic processes in the body.

Price 89a

Order EMS muscle stimulator only on the official website of the seller. There you will get the original product at the best price. A flexible system of permanent discounts can save up to 50% of the original cost.

On the website provider, the zone trainer is:

Discounts on Ems trainer is guaranteed to all, without exception, the buyers.

Where to buy 89a

To avoid fakes, manufacturers have installed on the original product license special sign and sell it only on the official information resource. Buy quality 89a on the seller’s website will not be easy. Enough to leave the online application, answering the call Manager. After agreeing on the details, specifying the address and the shipping method expect the courier or the goods receipt in the mail. Usually, even in most remote regions, the goods are delivered no more than 14 days. The seller guarantees complete confidentiality when ordering. Upon receipt of the belt check the presence of the original license of the mark, the integrity of the packaging, then pay for the order.

Description of the apparatus for myostimulation 89a – belt, allowing under the influence of electroimpulses to lose weight and form a beautiful relief of the body. Perfect proportions, symmetrically pumped muscles, weight – the perennial problem, equally exciting men and women. What efforts are not being applied to form an elastic body. In some cases, it takes years of grueling training.
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