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My pregnancy proceeded with complications, which I spent several weeks in a hospital bed. As a result, after birth my weight was much higher than the usual figure. I consulted with a physician, made up a menu of useful not high-calorie foods and for the year were able to return your body to normal. But such swings are not the best impact on the skin: it has lost tone and elasticity. To rectify the situation helped me zone 89a.

On the device I learned from a friend, which we meet in the Playground. She told me about the tens machine, showed the photo and borrowed it for a day so I can try it in action. Before turning on the tens machine I went to the official website of 89a and read about the principle. Convinced of the safety of the device and reading the opinions of others, I ordered the same.

What was in the parcel 89a

Unpacked the order, I saw the box, which was three items. The largest of these, directly belt EMS-coach, has a kind of flower, the core of which is an electronic mechanism, and six petals repeat the anatomical features of the press. Even two of the same muscle stimulator resemble the letter V, the bottom of which is equipped with a button with electronics. These devices can be attached to the upper arms, thighs, waist.

I took the belt and realized that the basis is silicone. It’s flat, soft and durable and is therefore ideal for the manufacture of such devices.

On the inner surface of the petals placed electrodes connected to the mechanism to run the electric charge and determination of the duration and intensity of work. The electrodes are covered with very thin gel plates, securely attached to the body and distributes the pulses over the surface.

I liked that it firmly sticks to the skin and is fairly flat. Because of this it can be hidden under clothing and not to advertise to others. But, on the other hand, EMS-coach is not ashamed to show people. After all, it has a stylish black and yellow design that looks expensive and impressive.

To understand the mechanism were also not difficult, helped opinions. In the centre there is a round button, including the device. Right and left disagree buttons are triangles. They need to switch the power. At the top light up numbers 1 to 4 corresponding to the strength of the electric pulses. I didn’t need to build muscles, so stick with the first two programs. But even in this mode I felt the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Athletic trainers also point to the effectiveness and safety of this muscle stimulator. Give an example of the opinion of the expert:

Having dealt with the device, I started training.

How changing my body with 89a

Before beginning the daily training, I went to the forum to learn about EMS-coach ordinary people. Unfortunately, there were also negative opinions..

Most opinions on the forum were positive. Women talked about losing weight and getting rid of cellulite, and men on the strengthening of the press and the increase in muscle volume in the hands and feet. Many of them confirmed its comments to the photos before and after the purchase of 89a.

I waited while the child is asleep, comfortable wearing top and reread the user manual. The procedure was not complicated.

  1. I rubbed the abdomen with an antiseptic solution, to degrease the skin.
  2. Next, I brought it to the region of the press belt and pressed the petals to tight them to join.
  3. Then I clicked on the round button, turning on the tens machine, and put the mode on unity.

EMS-instructor began to give a weak electric signals. Under their action the abdominal muscles rhythmically decreased and relaxed. At first it was scary, but after a few moments I got over my fear and concentrated on the sensations. I noticed that the body began to spill a nice hot wave.

This is due to working all the abdominal muscles, even the deepest. After 20 minutes I turned off the 89a, took it off and rubbed the gel insert.

The next time I attached to the body all three Velcro: on the press and hips in place the appearance of cellulite. During operation, EMS-coach I was doing my chores or simple exercise. A slight reddening and feeling of warmth has shown enhanced circulation and accelerated metabolism, due to which the skin is tightened, becomes smooth and elastic.

How to buy original 89a

Today you can buy various electronic stimulators for muscle strengthening. However, I recommend getting tested people and athletes 89a. Buying a quality device, you can long time to use all the functions, namely:

  • strengthen muscles in any part of the body;
  • to reduce the load on the spine;
  • to reduce the thickness of adipose tissue;
  • to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite on the skin;
  • to restore tone after the forced bed rest.

On the official page of 89a I saw the certificate of quality and read about large-scale studies. They were attended by people of different ages and figure types.

After an average of 30 approaches with 89a obtained the following results:

  • reducing waist size is 9-10 cm;
  • reduction thigh circumference is 5-6 cm;
  • the total weight loss of 4-5 kg.

In the bottom of the page describes the order of registration of the parcel. I acted according to the instructions issued the questionnaire, they indicated on the phone the address of the post office and paid the stimulant only after verifying compliance with the declared characteristics. Another important feature of ordering from the official site is strict adherence to privacy policy. I’m certainly not ashamed of my workouts, but I would like to avoid unnecessary questions. I read about this in other opinions.

Now training sessions using a belt EMS-coach became my usual thing. The device is securely attached to the body, invisible under clothing, does not prevent me to move and bend in different directions. The first pleasant change I noticed after a few days. The skin is tightened, and stretch marks turned pale and became smooth. Soon gladly noticed that my usual clothes are too big. I’m a little wardrobe upgrade and is now very happy with my reflection in the mirror. I hope my review will be helpful.

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