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Unique muscle stimulator that allows you to keep the body in shape and improve overall health without spending time on exercise equipment and gyms, is a belt 89a. The ability to use the product at home, away, walking is particularly important for the modern man, the rhythm of life which allows not to lose too much time. The stimulator helps to look good without the daily grueling workouts.


Stands for the name of the simulator as Electro Muscle Trainer. It works offline, has no wires and is fairly compact. This allows you to wear it under clothing while performing household chores, walking, trips to the store, to visit, etc.

89a is made according to patented technology invented by American scientists with the use of Russian developments. The material is hypoallergenic silicone, repeating all the curves of the body, relief of muscle. Attached to the base of six petals, each of which is equipped with electrodes for supply of pulses through a special gel. Each petal, like the zone in General, has a solid Foundation and evenly distributes pulses across the surface of impact.

Work mitinger is controlled via a computer program. It has 15 power modes, which allow you to select and properly distribute the load on the whole body. In addition, after the time passive exercise it off automatically, which is very handy when in crowded places.

Included with him is a gel to improve skin contact. It has no side effects and ensures safety of use together with stimulant.

Why you need a belt?

Electro Muscle Trainer recommended for such purposes:

  • correction;
  • reduction of body weight;
  • prevention of obesity;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • building and strengthening muscle mass;
  • improving muscle tone and skin;
  • normalization of blood circulation and metabolism;
  • the recovery of muscle tissue after injury.

In addition, apparatus suitable for such categories of people:

  • limited time to work on your body;
  • contraindicated diet and exercise machines for health reasons;
  • need rehabilitation after treatment.

How to use 89a?

Belt Electro Muscle Trainer is a versatile and suitable for men and women of all ages. At the same time to receive the results don’t need a diet or visit the gym, but compliance with the diet and exercise will improve efficiency several times.

Instructions for use belt describes how to use it properly. But first is to determine what groups of muscles to start training:

  • breast;
  • spinal;
  • the biceps and triceps of the arms;
  • thighs, calves;
  • the gluteal muscles;
  • abdominal, of the abdominal muscles.

It is recommended that the sequence of actions to perform passive exercises:

  • on the belt to put gel;
  • clean and degrease the area of skin to which it is attached;
  • applying the stimulator to the problem area of the body and hold for 3-5 seconds, securely fixing on the skin;
  • to turn the unit on, set the required mode and the exposure time (recommended 20-25 minutes);
  • at the end of time it is automatically turned off, it is only necessary to remove the belt and processing raster antiseptic, and put the silicone part on special pads.

To obtain meaningful results and the simultaneous pumping of several muscle groups can be purchased separately mini gadgets in the form of butterflies. They will be handy at such places of the body for which the belt will be too big.

How does the trainer?

89a can replace a standard fitness program, and also it can be used during its execution. The principle of operation significantly differs from the influence of strength exercises on the body. Thus, during the load pulses are transmitted to the brain, which signals about increasing the intensity of muscle work. The muscle stimulator works directly, without involving commands of the brain.

Stimulation of the cells with these stages:

  • the electrodes send electromagnetic pulses through the nerve endings;
  • there is intense contraction of the muscles;
  • in the process, improves blood flow and metabolism on a cellular level;
  • the formation and the growth of body muscles.

There is no strain on the musculoskeletal system, enabled only muscles. For a more uniform and safe training in 89a includes the following stages:

  • slow heating of the involved muscles;
  • the breakdown of subcutaneous fat cells;
  • the reduction and growth of different groups of muscles;
  • reducing the intensity of the massage to relax the muscles.

The results of using 89a

The effectiveness of the muscle stimulator 89a is visible already after the first few workouts. And after a month of regular use you will experience the following improvements:

  • significant weight loss;
  • an eye-catching appearance of the relief body;
  • intensive pumping muscles;
  • improved blood flow.

Constant correct application of the belt can not give negative result, as it effectively stimulates all muscle groups.

Contraindications 89a

Like any muscle stimulator, 89a is absolutely safe for health, but has some contraindications, the presence of which should consult a doctor before buying a belt:

  • the need for a pacemaker;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • disorders of blood flow;
  • arcobaleni;
  • alcohol and drug addiction;
  • abnormalities of the nervous system;
  • tuberculosis;
  • viral disease;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding 2 months of the postpartum period;
  • chronic viral infection;
  • the post-operative period.

Belt application in this case may harm the health, stimulate the development of the disease. Also the signal for the cessation of its use will be the emergence of rashes and red spots on the skin. In this case, you should stop using the stimulant and to seek the advice of a doctor.

Divorce or the truth 89a?

The effectiveness of the 89a is not a hoax, as confirmed by numerous studies and various opinions about results of its use. But since opinions are contradictory, we can conclude about the presence of counterfeit or incorrect application of the belt, contrary to the clear instructions contraindications and other warnings of experts.

In the face of fake, many people believe that muscle toning is bad. But it’s not, what evidence of the many positive opinions and stories of the use of the belt with a good ending. To avoid defective product, you must follow these rules:

  • only buy on the official website;
  • don’t pay attention to the sentences in which the cost of the belt is clearly too low;
  • avoid shops that require payment.

In this case, it is possible to buy the original, which will serve long enough to effectively cope with cellulite problems, poor metabolism, atrophy of musculature, and the like.

Where to buy and how much?

Buy muscle stimulator, you can store a manufacturer that offers zone from the territory of Russia and CIS countries. For that, you should complete the application form with their name and phone number. Then wait for the call Manager and agree on terms of purchase.

Thus it is possible to order the original belt for the price of , sometimes you can buy a trainer at a discount. Payment occurs only upon receipt.

opinions of professional trainers

Lately there are more positive opinions about 89a not only from users but also from professional trainers.

Victor, coach bodybuilding, Moscow

“89a copes with the heat the muscles and stimulates their growth. For those who want to tone and tighten the body, is a perfect solution. Of course, a complete leveling of all muscle groups is to use the belt in conjunction with strength exercises. But for those who load is contraindicated, I recommend this simulator”.

Alina, fitness trainer, Saint Petersburg

“Often come to me girls for saving their figures. But, unfortunately, not all linger in my group. They quickly get tired and frustrated from the fact that the result is not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes you have to train long and exhausting, to get the effect. But the stimulator 89a has allowed my students to get a lean sexy body much faster. I recommend each of them a simple diet, light exercise and a stimulant – the result exceeds all expectations.”

Yuri, fitness instructor, Novosibirsk

“During her practice, are often faced with the fact that not everyone can get a lean and toned body using only physical exercises. Very often there are situations when we just don’t have time or don’t have the willpower for continuation of lessons. In such cases, 89a, was the salvation of boys and girls who dream of a beautiful body.”

Customer opinions

Marina, Yekaterinburg

“Since beginning to use 89a, was thrown off 8 kg, got a slim body, ease of movement and confidence in their own abilities”.


“I’m a very active person and carefully watch her figure. And not so long ago there was a happy event, I became a mother. Of course, time for myself has now become much smaller. Had to find effective ways to tighten problem areas. Here and has become my salvation belt 89a. Found it after 5 months after delivery, contraindications for found and tried. The effect is excellent – within a month became unnoticed that I recently gave birth, and the body was even more slender than before.”

Boris, Minsk,

“I’m a professional bodybuilder. After a shoulder injury could not do, and form is slightly lost. Decided to use the 89a for the rehabilitation and maintenance of tone. Indeed, the result very much, the body perceives the belt as a workout”.

Novel, Kharkov,

“Combined muscle stimulator with morning Jogging. Immediately after application of the belt began to feel a pleasant strain of muscles. In the end, pumped up the press and well-pulled up body, and what he did not expect”.

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