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To remove subcutaneous fat and strengthen the relief without loss of muscle mass, increase circulation and elasticity of the skin will help mitinger 89a, its effect is felt on the 7th day of application. The device eliminates excess weight and improves the architecture of the body, maintaining the body in good shape and improving blood circulation, customer testimonials also report effective relief from cellulite in working through the legs and buttocks during a passive fitness training at home.

The advantages of the simulator 89a

The wide popularity of muscle stimulator is justified by several advantages:

The compact dimensions of the simulator provide a comfortable training in any environment, it is not noticeable under clothing. Weighs EMS zone a little bit, it can be used at home, in transit or at rest.

Affordable price – muscle stimulator 89a is cheaper than standard power plants, cumbersome and costly treadmills and other machines used in gyms and fitness clubs.

Safe operation. If oversized equipment is traumatic and dangerous, in the process of working with a trainer 89a is a risk of overload and breakdown. The selected program is active for a specified period of time. The device is then disconnected automatically.

Fitness set can be used alone or to complement the basic training, regular use of the belt for 15 minutes a day replace 2 hours of fitness classes and allows you to burn more than 5,000 calories a month. Gel petals are supplied with the simulator, universal, they frighten arms, buttocks, back and other parts of the body.

How it works 89a

AB trainer EMC supports 15 modes of power that ensures the supply of pulses with a predetermined force and frequency under its influence the muscles contract, the circulation and nutrition of tissues. Real feedback from professional coaches help to ensure that 89a is easy to cope with the tasks assigned to it:

  • strengthens the muscles;
  • eliminates fat cells;
  • promotes blood oxygen saturation;
  • it improves blood circulation.
  • helps to lose weight;
  • gives the skin elasticity.

The effect of 89a is achieved through a properly selected pulse frequency (ideal mode 20 Hz) and shape, is able to repeat the outlines of any configuration of the human body, the exerciser is easy to hide under clothing, and regular use among the people.

The device is recommended for use, both novice and experienced athletes. Due to the wide functionality, 89a positions as professional equipment to maintain physical fitness regular users and athletes, rehabilitation patients.

Pulse stimulator before selling tested in laboratory conditions and configuration specialist.

Who should not use the device 89a

Like many innovative solutions in the field of medicine, electric muscle stimulator has a number of contraindications, it is not recommended for use in the period:

  • alcohol or drug addiction;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental disorders;
  • cancer
  • circulatory disorders;
  • tuberculosis;
  • viral diseases.

In General, the zone Trainer are safe to use, but the manufacturer does not recommend it for operation in diseases of the heart. If irritation develops on the skin should stop the workout and seek the advice of a doctor.

What is included in the 89a

A brief overview of the simulator allows to conclude that the heart device is hypoallergenic silicone, repeats the relief of muscle mass inside of the “petals” recorded with special electrodes that transmit impulses to gel the coating drug. Hypoallergenic sheets have high durability and ability to evenly distribute the energy in a particular area of the body.

Under the influence of “smart technologies” EMC Trainer for weight loss regulates the load on a particular part of the body, and special programs provide different passive intensity workouts, their duration. The developer recommends to use included with the zone of EMC and a special gel, providing a snug fit of the “petals” to the skin. Remember that the use of substandard tools can cause allergies. Consult with a specialist before choosing a gel to the skin.

How to use 89a – step by step instructions

The whole process of using the drug for weight loss takes place in several stages:

  • You need to determine the area of the studied plot.
  • Carefully degrease the skin in the area of the belt.
  • To fix the massager and check its tight fit to the skin.
  • Turn the unit on and set the intensity of the load. It is important not only to feel but to see how intensely the muscles are reduced under the action of pulses.

The optimal duration of treatment is on average 15 – 25 min. At the end of the training you should remove the belt and treat the skin with antiseptic.

On the website of the manufacturer provides a detailed manual with photo and video how to use a vibrating massager on different parts of the body:

  • If the problematic area are the hands for training 89a is placed on an inner or outer side of the limb on the biceps or triceps.
  • For maximum impact on your stomach, experts recommend to place the device in the upper and lower abdominals alternately.
  • The muscle stimulator is also used to burn fat and strengthen leg muscles. For this you need to install the device on the back or front of the thigh, to work out the buttocks.

Waist belt 89a recommended for daily use at a special training program, it consists of 4 stages:

  1. Warming up muscle mass, preparation for intense fat burning.
  2. The initial stage of training – active action on fat cells.
  3. Intense pulsing — the repeated contraction of muscles, leading to a gradual increase in muscle mass.
  4. Relaxation – a relaxing completion of the lessons, to prevent pain.

Scope 89a

89a – new 2017, which is well established in various applications:

  • In the medical purposes.
  • To improve the attractiveness.To maintain the body in good shape.
  • For weight loss.
  • After injury.

Who bought wireless stimulator for correction, says the simplicity and convenience it ispolzovaniya as at home and on vacation, in office, hospital and the resort.

How much is 89a

Price 89a fixed, for residents of Russia it is . The kit includes the EMC zone, and two plates for fixing on the hands or feet, instruction in Russian language.

Important: when ordering on the official website of 89a, users automatically insure themselves against counterfeiting, get a guarantee and make advance payment, as the wireless equipment of a new generation of patented, has quality certificates, passed clinical trials and proved its effectiveness.

89a – truth or not?

89a – true or not? The best proof that the muscle stimulator 89a is not cheating, are opinions by real customers, posted on forums and websites devoted to weight loss and sports training. Patented device for the correction could not remain without attention of experts from different fields. Praised the effect of the equipment of the fitness trainers, athletes, therapists and nutritionists.

How to protect yourself from fakes?

Those who are interested in buying unique trainer 89a, you should know that a new belt to buy in stores will not work, the device has not yet entered the mass market, and is available only on the official website of the manufacturer. To distinguish an original from a fake will help the certificate of the European sample, high-quality materials and quality assurance, confirming the declared characteristics.

Independent research 89a

In 2017. conducted a scientific experiment in Germany, which had been based on a comparison of strength training and EMS on a number of parameters: change in body composition and muscle strengthening.

The group of 49 subjects were divided into 2 subgroups:

  • One of the people subjected to force loads every 3 days.
  • Other participants took place at EMS 3 sessions every 14 days.

The results of the independent study, which lasted for 4 months, German researchers found that 89a – not a divorce, increase muscle elevation was observed in both groups: 1,26% of the security forces and 0.94% in the group of EMS. Experts also noted the increased muscle strength of the extensor tibiae: 12.6% of sports followers and 7.4% of users of EMS.

In conclusion, noted that EMS can be considered an effective and inexpensive substitute for the standard strength training for people wanting to improve body composition and strength.

The experiments for elite athletes 89a

The whole truth about the effects of 89a on strength parameters of professional athletes turned out in the course of the 89 trials Andre Filipovic, who after 2 months of applying the method of EMS noted that:

  • The height of the vertical jumps increased to 25%.
  • Sprint was reduced in time by 4.8%.

Scientists suggest that EMS may be a promising alternative to traditional strength training. Considering the savings in time, experts predict the widespread use of methods of EMS in sports that require a high level of training athletes.

At the same time the French scientist J. Godin believes that the EMC effect relative jumps and sprint ambiguous and is observed only in the combination of electrical stimulation with plyometrics or regular sessions with the weights. During electrical stimulation after hopping training, significant improvements were observed.

The use of EMS of critically ill people

Apparatus 89a interested and Swiss specialists, who saw it as a means to reduce loss of muscle strength and muscle atrophy in critically ill patients. The quality of the experiment were on average and high level. As a result of 5 trials led to the growth or the preservation of strength, 2 experiment has allowed to strengthen the relief of muscle. One analysis was inconclusive.

As a result, 8 studies, which were attended by 172 critically ill patient, it is proved that 89a prevents the loss of muscle strength when using the drug in combination with medical care, no confirmation of negative opinions. As to maintain the volume of muscle tissue under the action of the EMS, the evidence is not discovered.

opinions fitness trainers

Karina Ostapenko, fitness trainer, 25 years, Moscow

Is it possible to increase muscular relief by performing exercises at home for 15 minutes a day? Workout at home have a positive impact on health, but the figure will not improve, but if you connect the wireless equipment EMC Coach, the result is noticeable after 5 days of use.

The fact that muscle mass is more associated layers causing the complexity of the study. Classic sports is subjected to a load large muscles, and the deep remain unchanged. EMS training activates all the layers of muscle, increasing their endurance and giving it additional strength. For this reason, many experts and fitness trainers recommend the product for beginners and professional athletes!

Elena Shepel, instructor of group classes, 31 years old, Novosibirsk

Loose skin and cellulite – problems of many people. They arise with a lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle. To maintain the body in good shape needs a special workout and diet. And for those who do not have enough time to visit the gym, you can safely use mytreasures EMC. Its principle of operation is based on the reduction of muscle tissue due to the directional flow of impulses. The belt is effective in fight obesity and relaxation of the muscles. During use of the device can lead normal way of life (passive or active) and save time for other things.

Irina Kalatur, gym instructor, 28, Saint-Petersburg

Among the innovative solution for weight loss I select 89a wireless trainer new generation is repeating the reliefs of the muscles. Its secret lies in the effect regardless of the initial parameters of the body, health condition and lifestyle of the user. opinions state that 89a is a real lifesaver for trainees and people who are not able to play sports. While traveling, at the cottage or at home, I also practice passive fitness to improve muscle relief. It does not require willpower, works on the same principle as traditional sports. Tested!

Olga Melnychenko, lecturer, School of fitness, 30 years old, Krasnoyarsk

When it comes to the products provided for correcting the body, many consumers are wondering: divorce or not? I have repeatedly witnessed how unscrupulous manufacturers use the gullibility of buyers who want to quickly and easily lose weight and build muscle.

Taiwanese researchers decided to examine how neuromuscular electrical stimulation affects the energy consumption. They conducted a study, which involved 45 people with a sedentary lifestyle. The electrodes are exposed on the abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs. They were subjected to 20 min of stimulation at 3 different intensities (7 min.) each. As a result, the 2nd and 3rd load level was set intensive energy consumption from 69 to 77 kcal per hour. In conclusion, scientists humbly announced that the drug can be the perfect tool to maintain the physical fitness of athletes and people suffering from obesity, as well as the rehabilitation of sedentary citizens.

Anna Smirnova, personal fitness trainer, 27 years old Nizhny Novgorod

In my practice, I have repeatedly faced with the drug, 89a, and was a witness to how he removes the fat deposits on problem areas, even if fitness does not give the desired result. The device delivers the pulses to the muscle at regular intervals, providing qualitative study of education and preventing catabolic processes. Sure, the trainer draws attention to the lack of need for intense physical efforts, but to enhance the effect, I recommend to combine a workout routine with exercises on pulse simulator.

Customer opinions

Irina Golubtsova, 34 years old, Voronezh

Belt 89a acquired due to lack of time. Wear instead of constant workout in the gym at any time. During the first week of changes not detected, and then gradually began to decrease the stomach. By the end of the second month began to tread the press. The skin has acquired a healthy appearance. I feel great. In comparison with the membership to the fitness club electronic muscle stimulator costing me a penny. Training do not require physical exercises and special diets. The waist for 2 months decreased waist circumference at 10 cm In the long term study of the arms and thighs.

Anna Vereschagina, 45, Volgograd

I just turned 45 years old. Device 89a experienced. The belt helped to get rid of sagging and sagging in the abdomen, and the plates are mounted on the hands to give skin elasticity. The weight I lost a little weight – only 5 kg. For the achievement of the result it took me a little over a month. Used the drug for 15 minutes per day, with a gradual increase of the modes. As for the equipment, I can say that convenient form, taking into account the location of the muscles and soft action due to the silicone. Conveniently, on the leaves of the sticky pads. Is well defined on the skin, not moving, clearly convey the impulses. I would like to mention an affordable cost, in addition, I was lucky to buy a muscle stimulator at a discount.

Elena Dubrova, 38 years old Samara

After a foot injury could not move actively, strongly put on weight. The doctor advised the stimulator 89a. Used the drug on his legs and abdomen. Already on the 3rd day I began to notice that it reduces swelling. Colic was gone, when you step on the leg cramps do not disturb at night. Feel like are slowly returning to old form without a physical load on the body. You can wear problems both at home and during walks, taking him to the hospital and long trips. With mytreasures we are inseparable. 1 month contraindications not found.

Diana Cherepova, 39 years old, Chelyabinsk

Less time was given to their appearance and overgrown Zhirkov. Chose belt 89a because you don’t have to spend time and money at the gym, exhaust yourself diets. Convenient to use in the car while going to work or the cottage. Sometimes 2 times used. Huge difference – the fat layer is thinned, decreased weight, noticeable relief. 1.5 months – 6 kg. Other changes in addition to using the simulator, I did not add. Easy to use thing, you can use the whole family without particular limitations. I advise everyone who are too lazy to go to the gym or can not afford it. Conveniently, the power saved for other things.

Rubtsov, Inna, 25 years, Orenburg

Belt 89a you can buy at the best price in different online stores, but I basically place an order on the official website. Last time found on third party resource in a half cheaper, but it was a Chinese fake, and quickly broke down. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer does not require prepayment to order it took me only 5 minutes arrived in 3 days. Not very fast, but with quality assurance. Gradually begin to lose weight. There is much work ahead, hopefully on the elliptical. My roommate took the trainer a month ago. During this time she not only lost weight, but look younger at 5 years.

Alena Shpilev, 32, Penza

Completely on the pacemaker to hope is a big risk. Bought EMC Coach as a Supplement to traditional strength training. Used in between employment at the minimum power. The result is the reduction of muscle hypertonia, additional stretching and massage. Ideal for prevention of injuries. Wear more than half an hour, sometimes an hour. Unpleasant consequences are not observed. From the waist it’s an unusual feeling. The muscles in the absence of strain pulses vibrate. On the website of the manufacturer said this is normal, but it is better to take breaks every 30-60 days.

Valentin Krasnov, 24 years old, Kaliningrad

I’m from the category of those who found the perfect way “to watch TV and lose weight”. Detecting pads on his feet, and sit back in a chair and watching the show. The effect is achieved in a matter of days. Once the cellulite is gone, no swelling of the veins and swelling. Conveniently, you can adjust the power. After 10 minutes after a relaxing massage, add additional load. The device is not addictive, the muscles are constantly tense, the skin is smoothed. Any bumps and unevenness. I can recommend 89a, as the best means to combat excess weight after childbirth. Tested!


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