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89a is a revolutionary development scientists for weight loss and muscle strengthening at home without exhausting workouts and exhausting diets. Is the belt which gives a special impulse to the body. Thus, the body itself gets rid of excess fat and increases muscle mass.

Where to buy a belt and the price of 89a

Belt 89a went on sale in limited series. So buy it on sale now at the sports shop it is impossible. The implementation of adaptation deals exclusively with the manufacturer and directly on the Internet. Buy 89a and all related to it attributes only on the official site at cost.

On the website Tutknow.ru you cannot buy 89a to increase lean body mass, as we do not sell. Your attention is exclusively a review of tools: all the necessary information about the structure and rules of use of the device, technology action zone, opinions of experts and users.

The official manufacturer strongly recommends buying a belt on the websites of the mediators. In this case, you risk to buy a defective or fake product that will not just be a waste of money, but also will cause an unexpected reaction on the part of the body, irritation or Allergy.

Description and beneficial properties belt 89a

Slender, supple body was always considered a benchmark of attractiveness and health, both for men and women. However, in modern societies, not everyone is able to afford to train regularly in the gym, eat diet food. Trips to training require considerable physical effort, time and Finance. And in the constant rush to eat only nutritious and healthy foods is also not always possible.

It is worth noting that women tend to look for men who are V-shaped structure of the torso and abs. According to statistics, about 80% of the ladies chooses swapped and strong partners. Men first of all pay attention to fit and slim women.

As a rule, the most problematic part of the body in both men and women is the abdominal muscles. Here’s the hardest one to get rid of fat. Even if you regularly do crunches, it may not yield any results as the muscles are simply not visible under a layer of fat cells.

Scientists have long tried to solve the problem of excess weight and muscle weakness, and was invented a revolutionary tool which helps to cope with several problems simultaneously. This belt 89a. You no longer need to carve out time and energy for going to the gym. To lose weight and build muscles without leaving the house and not exhausting yourself with training.

Belt 89a carries out the stimulation of the muscles, causing them quality and efficient pumping. This device is equally suitable for both men and women.

Men can use it to solve the following tasks:

  1. To burn excess fat in the abdomen, biceps;
  2. To pump up muscles, to achieve perfect cubes;
  3. Keep all muscles of the body in good shape;
  4. Increase strength and endurance;
  5. To build muscle in the right places.
No less a benefit this unique belt brings and women who use it regularly. So, 89a help:
  • To get rid of cellulite and sagging skin;
  • To model the shape and burn fat in places where it is needed;
  • To lose 10-12 pounds in one month without dieting and exercises;
  • To strengthen the muscles to keep them in tone;
  • To make the skin more elastic.
To understand why EMS is an effective trainer, you should understand the principle of its action. When mounted on the body of the belt is directed affects the muscles, reducing them with some frequency. Thus, there is a simulation exercise on a specific muscle group. There is no need to signal to the brain, as is the case with ordinary workouts, when the brain impulse causes the muscles to contract.

The comfort zone lies in the fact that it can be applied in any place at any time. It is compact and invisible under clothes, has no wires and shuts off by itself after a given program. That is, until you do your chores, belt 89a is working on the modeling of your figure.

To achieve a beautiful relief of the body can effortlessly literally within a few weeks. In this case, you save the money that would be spent on a gym membership, and do not put yourself at risk of injury.

Features of the device belt 89a

High efficiency belt 89a could be achieved through a number of technological innovative features.

The belt is made from hypoallergenic silicone, which repeats the relief of your muscles. Inside of the “petals” of the device securely attached special electrodes that transmit the pulses on a helium surface. Helium leaves, in turn, have higher strength and provide uniform distribution of energy on a specific part of the body.

Also the belt is equipped with “smart technology” which allows you to adjust the load on a particular part of the body. With the help of computer programs you can select how the intensity of passive training, and its duration.

The manufacturer recommends to use the complete with belt 89a and a special gel to improve contact between the “petals” with the skin. Remember that the use of cheap funds may trigger an allergic reaction and the manufacturer is not responsible for the result of such training.

Instructions for use belt 89a

The process of applying this device quite simple and understandable even for beginners. It should be noted that a zone has 15 levels of intensity. Everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable to his physical abilities and needs.

If you don’t know how to use 89a, follow this instructions:

  1. Define the problem area that you would like to work out.
  2. Carefully degrease the skin area of the body which is going to put the belt.
  3. Attach the product and make sure that it is tightly fixed on the skin.
  4. Turn on the device and select the load level. You should not only feel but also see how your muscles extensively reduced under the influence of impulses.
  5. Recommended usage time zone — about 23-25 minutes.
  6. After a training session, clear the zone from the surface of the body and treat with an antiseptic solution.
Belt convenient to use on different parts of the body. So, if your problem area is the hands, then place the device on an inner or outer surface of the limb — the biceps or the triceps.

If you want to influence the abdomen, then attach to problem areas — upper and lower part of the abdominals at a time.

You can also burn fat and strengthen leg muscles. To install belt 89a on the back or front of the thigh. In particular, do not overlook the area of the buttocks.

Recommended belt 89a daily in a special program of training. Experts advise you to use the device in four stages:

  • Warming up muscles to prepare them for intense fat burning;
  • The initial stage of the training process — active effect on fat cells;
  • Intensive influence of the pulse — the repeated contraction of muscles, which leads to a gradual build-up of muscle mass;
  • Relaxation is relaxing the end of the practice, which is intended to prevent the appearance of pain.

Contraindications to the use of belt 89a

Belt 89a has virtually no contraindications. It is made of organic hypoallergenic materials that do not cause any adverse reactions in the skin. Effect on muscles is a point and has no effect on the internal organs.

All unit components are securely and tightly concealed inside the silicone shell. Therefore, to use a belt 89a without hesitation.

The only caveat to its use can be pregnancy. Expectant mothers are not recommended to use the simulator in the abdomen. However, in other parts of the body it could apply.

Expert opinion about zone of 89a

Unique development of scientists for the correction could not remain unnoticed by experts from various fields. Appreciated the effectiveness of the belt fitness trainers, active athletes, rehabilitation specialists and nutritionists.

Alexander, the coach of bodybuilding

Often in the gym and the guys and girls who want to achieve quick results, but will-power they have is clearly not enough. After all, to get the coveted “cubes” and a firm butt you need to work hard in the gym literally every day for months. This important and high-calorie special food. And I’m sorry, when be a good exercise program, write out a diet and we just don’t have the time to follow all the recommendations. So, when we came on the market belt 89a, it has become a real salvation and a solution to the problem of non-ideal shapes for many of my students. Because this device is not necessary to exhaust itself with trainings and to prepare every day own special menu. Now, to achieve impressive results, it is possible to practice passive exercise in the comfort of your home or office. Muscles contract with the same intensity as in the time of a traditional workout at the gym. I often use this belt if you need to urgently get in shape before the competition. Very helpful!

Real customer opinions about zone of the 89a

On various sports forums in the world actively discussing the unique belt 89a that allows you to lose weight and build muscle without any effort. In most cases men and women leave positive opinions about 89a.

Victor, 39 years

I have the body structure endomorph, that is, no matter how much rock it in the gym — fat is very difficult to get rid of. I always kept in shape, but to get rid of belly couldn’t press you couldn’t see. No exercise and dieting wasn’t helping. Trainer advised more aerobic exercise, but I have not enough time at the gym, and then there’s running… eventually I made peace with this situation, but somehow on one of the forums I saw a discussion on belt 89a. Everyone who tried it, said that it is possible to swing literally sitting on the couch. Of course, I poulybalsya from these stories, but still carefully studied the principle of the device and decided to try it. I have never regretted! It’s just a miracle: two weeks minus 4 kg. And all this is fat from the abdomen, which did not give me rest. Now I can enjoy their beautiful cubes and pressure.

Valery, 27 years

I always played sports. But got hurt, and the reinforced training had to put a cross. For some months the doctor has forbidden me to go to the gym. That though as-that to keep their muscles in good shape, I decided to buy a belt 89a for the passive training. All praised him online, and I realized that it is not unique. I used it on different parts of the body to maintain in good shape, and was very pleased with the result. The muscles themselves are swaying, even when you’re just sitting on the couch watching TV. My doctor, when I saw my sports uniform, immediately began to scold me, saying, I go the gym quietly, but I’m not allowed. But when I told him how it is possible to maintain good form, calmed down and even gave some recommendations regarding the intensity of training with the 89a.

Anastasia, 32 years

I always tried to be in good physical shape, visit the gym, swimming pool, ate properly. But have recently changed job, and new activities require my full commitment, and even constant business trips. In General, the time for a healthy life sorely lacks. A friend told me about the amazing device that she uses — zone 89a. Says doesn’t have to do anything, and the body in shape! I decided to try. Wore a belt on the road and in hotels, and even at conferences for work under clothes. It is generally imperceptible, and the result is obvious. I have even regular trips to the gym was not such a perfect shape — no cellulite, perfect tight little belly, toned thighs. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend belt 89a.

Belt 89a is a simple and affordable alternative to exhausting training in the gym and diets. It is enough to secure the device on the body, and it begins to model your figure in exactly those areas that require it most. With this you can engage in their daily activities and not be distracted from work or household Affairs.

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