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EMS training is at the peak of popularity, as appeared the opportunity to lose weight and create the terrain of the body through the effect on the muscles of electroimpulses. Gyms are equipped with such equipment, but to engage in suits only under the guidance of a coach, as is necessary to monitor changes in the body. Now we have a vehicle for personal training – muscle stimulator 89a opinions of which managed to leave a large number of users. The device has stable demand, as it has a number of advantages before usual training with projectiles and other similar devices.


General description of the muscle stimulator 89a

Electric muscle stimulator 89a is a portable and compact apparatus with integrated power source (battery). The device is intended for athletes and people wanting to transform your body, making it more sporty.

89a is made in the form of a belt, which is characterized by convenience and practicality and allows you to train large muscle groups. First of all, the belt is designed for the abdominal muscles to obtain the coveted “cubes”. Where there is no possibility to use a belt provided with adhesive electrodes in the form of petals. Additional attachments work with the biceps of the arms and thighs, triceps, quads.

Belt 89a is made of silicone, so it can be used unlimited number of times without losing its functionality. Silicone liners do not need additional fastening straps, which is a big advantage of the simulator. The electrode plates are placed in special pockets.

The main purpose of muscle stimulator help in strengthening the muscles and losing weight in the most problematic areas (waist and abdomen).

Trainer with regular use and subject to wear 20-30 minutes a day (this is the most effective judging by the information that they contain about 89a real user opinions) will allow you to achieve the perfect figure, improve skin tone and improve endurance.

How does the 89a

Slimming belt and inflating of muscles 89a works due to the fact that stimulates the muscles by sending thereto electric pulses. Electric current replaces the nerve endings and gives the signal: the tissue to contract or relax. Current provides involuntary muscle contraction, which in intensity is greater than the volitional contraction.

Electric muscle stimulator 89a can be used as a Supplement to physical exercise and as an independent trainer.

opinions of doctors appreciate the results of the myostimulation to improve muscle definition and muscles, but should not expect instant results. The effect will appear after 10-15 sessions (individually).

For 4-6 weeks with a small investment of time, incomparable with strength training, the device allows to achieve visible results not only in athletes but also people with a low physical data.

How to use the device 89a

Trainer 89a is easy to use. Enough to get acquainted with the information that contains the usage instructions to begin the session.

Algorithm use:

  • The area of the body exposed to the simulator lubricating gel. This is necessary to ensure a secure fit and better conduction of impulses.
  • To attach the belt to the body and gently squeeze the silicone petals.
  • To turn the unit on by pressing the button and adjust the strength of the pulses. EMS training should start with a small load level. Button power control is conveniently located on the belt.

The time of one procedure is from 10 to 30 minutes. More long-term effect of electric impulses may cause skin irritation. If the EMS training is conducted along with exercise, the exposure time of the pulses can limit 10-15 minutes. If the belt is used as an independent simulator, the session may last for half an hour.

Depending on the selected target stimulation frequency:

  • for muscle recovery used low frequency;
  • to increase strength frequency is increased in two times;
  • strength training conducted at the maximum flow capacity.

If the goal is to strengthen and build muscle, the body first give a little to get used to the flow of impulses, then it is sufficient to perform simple and feasible exercises to strengthen effectiveness.

First experience at 89a opinions describe as unusual as you feel the tingling and throbbing, but after 2-3 sessions the sensations become habitual.

What is the use of belt 89a

Half hour use of the simulator replaces 3 hours of intense training in the gym. It turns out that busy people enough to spend 2-3 hours a week to keep the body in good shape and good form.

The increasing volume and weight

Widely used belt for inflating of muscles 89a athletes as a Supplement to standard training: first, thus they improve the performance, second increase endurance.

With trainer 89a:

  • time to build muscle mass is reduced by half;
  • the strength of the hands and feet may increase to 60%;
  • increasing the cross-sectional area of muscle fibers, improves their flexibility and coordination;
  • the body gets a double load: the reduction of the fibers under the action of impulses and the natural decline from exercise.

89a muscle stimulator causes muscles to contract and with absolutely no load on the musculoskeletal system, which works by performing just simple exercises. In addition, EMS training strengthens the muscle corset back, because the load on the spine and intervertebral discs significantly reduced. Improves posture, prevents wear of the bone apparatus that serves as a good preventive remedy for herniated discs and degenerative disc disease. In addition, the muscles do not hurt as tired much less. 89a well restore the fabric after stretching, sports injuries, injuries.

89a operates on a certain muscle group evenly, which is very difficult to achieve with conventional workout under the most load get strong muscles. The pulses reach all of the fibers, so that the weakest of them are stronger due to what is aligned to the overall tone. Increase strength and muscle volume is at the maximum endurance voltage. Before mounting the instrument should be warm up in the first few days of usage it is not necessary to prevent fatigue.

Very important is the fact that the achieved result lasts for up to 4 months after discontinuation of the training with the belt 89a.

If you get acquainted with the information contain about the trainer 89a user opinions, we can conclude that increases stamina, as in sports, and in everyday life. The reason is that the muscles gradually get used to the stimulation and loads and can easily cope with any task. It turns out that the load on the muscles, and General fatigue of the body not. Therefore, the zone of 89a acts as a preventive measure atrophy of muscle fibers associated with aging and a sedentary lifestyle.

EMS stimulator for weight loss

Apparatus 89a makes the work not only superficial, but deep-seated muscles, increases blood flow, and therefore improves metabolic processes. As you know the work of the muscle makes the fats to be broken down and reduces the fatty subcutaneous tissue in the volume. Therefore, regular use of the simulator, which acts as a massager for body fat, stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits in problem areas and the withdrawal of toxic substances.

Muscle stimulator for fat loss 89a is able to reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat from 2 to 18 cm. Regular use changes the ratio of fat and muscle mass in favor of the latter.

Plates because of the ability to enhance metabolic processes can be used to combat cellulite.

If you have a large fat layer passive exercise apparatus with the EMC Coach will show the first results not earlier than 20-30 sessions, as momentum is hard enough to get through the fat to the muscle layer. It is recommended to set the mode of operation of the device at its maximum, which does not feel pain.

After 30-36 sessions using a trainer 89a you can count on average on the following indicators:

  • waist reduction – 8-10 cm;
  • circumference reduction of the thighs – 6-7 cm;
  • body fat loss is 7-11 lbs.

While a person is not formed stretch marks, the skin does not SAG from the lost pounds, does not decrease the number of muscle fibers, but only change for the better their quality.

Advantages over analogues 89a

Now the market offers a wide selection of Ems stimulators. They differ in the number of electrodes, functionality and power.

There are muscle stimulation consisting of only two electrodes. Such analogues increase the training time, as you have to work the muscles alternately rearranging device. They work from small batteries, which drain quickly.

Training for the whole body is a bundle of wires, nozzles, control unit. Training them takes place under the supervision of a coach, as it is necessary to control the power and momentum to pick up different loads for different muscle groups. In addition, to complete the exercises in this costume is quite difficult and inconvenient, as it reduces the control of the brain over muscle contractions.

Belt for strengthening the abdominal muscles 89a stands out from the variety of devices a number of advantages:

  • versatility (it strengthens the muscles and eliminates body fat);
  • the ability to adjust the frequency of stimulation;
  • the most comfortable intensity pulse;
  • the device can be used as a Supplement to the exercises, which according to many studies very effective;
  • simplicity and comfort in use;
  • hypoallergenic materials;
  • low cost;
  • durability;
  • the ability to order in any locality of the country.

The best evidence of effectiveness are left about the belt 89a user opinions.

In some cases, 89a will be useful

89a buy should be in the following cases:

  • can not fully engage in the gym because of lack of time or resources;
  • if you desire to ensure that the abdominal muscles, arms and legs become more visible;
  • strength training is contraindicated for health reasons;
  • a great desire to lose weight in the waist and hips;
  • to make the skin tone and regain elasticity after sudden weight loss or if you have cellulite;
  • reduce muscle pain that occurs after exercise;
  • become stronger and more resilient.

Customer opinions recommend when using the trainer 89a correctly and to eat a balanced. This enhances its effectiveness, if the goal is to increase muscle mass, as well as certain restrictions in the diet will help to get rid of excess fat.

When the machine should stop

Despite the security, the exercise machine muscle stimulator 89a has some relative contraindications:

  • dermatitis of various etiologies;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • rupture of muscles and ligaments;
  • infectious diseases accompanied by fever;
  • urinary and cholelithiasis;
  • pregnancy.

Absolute contraindications at the device 89a no.

Where to buy 89a

Trainer 89a can be bought only through the official website of the manufacturer. First, is the guarantee of acquiring a quality tool, and secondly the opportunity to order it at a special price. Now the muscle stimulator 89a reduced, making it affordable for most people who aspire to good shape.

To place an order, you need to follow below are the link for the 89a official website and fill out a short form with name and phone number. The company Manager will contact the client for further details delivery. The Deposit is not performed. The full amount is payable upon receipt of the goods by mail.

Buy 89a in Moscow, St. PETERSBURG and other major cities is possible with home delivery, which is carried out for 1-3 days. In other regions of the country depending on the distance the delivery is within 7-10 days.

User opinions of Ems zone-trainer

The popularity of training with the use of electrical myostimulation increases, as well as the interest in portable muscle stimulation. A leader among multifunctional and easy to use simulators belt is a 89a opinions which have both professionals and people leading a healthy lifestyle and seeking to make your body beautiful. Meet and negative comments to address the belt. All that is left about 89a negative opinions, claiming that it was a divorce, owned by users who expect instant results and have not received it.

Vladimir Terekhov, a fitness coach:


Belt 89a decided to order because the gym time is not perfect, but to be fit and athletic like. I want to note it really works. After the first time already felt the tension in the press. Well, for that, instead of the small tummy had a relief, it took about 3 months.


Conducted simple calculations. It turned out that installed now on the muscle stimulator 89a price is paid back in just a monthly subscription in the gym, well at least in our city. Naturally I decided to order and am very pleased. Device absolutely does not cause discomfort and gives great results. For the month minus 5 cm from the abdomen, for two — plus 6 dice.


89a – it really is exercise for the lazy. I bought it to clean the stomach. But there are also additional attachments. I fastened on the inner side of the thighs. Now I love my tummy and the skin on the thighs without a single hint of cellulite and stretch marks, which I could not get by any means.

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