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Muscle stimulator 89a helps to get pumped and toned body without effort and in the shortest possible time. Advertising promises that with “butterfly” in the abdomen or shoulder, a couple of weeks of regular use you will get athletic body and strong muscles, and to do nothing. Just like all muscular tissue shrinking and growing, but is it easy? Myth or reality, read below.

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What is 89a

89a is a muscle stimulator that has been developed using the latest technology, it is intended for training of muscles at home. The simulator is used for:


  • improve the flow of blood and lymph;
  • to reduce pain;
  • weight loss;
  • recovery of muscle fibers;
  • eliminate stagnant processes in the tissues of the muscles;
  • stimulation muscle function;
  • increase muscle tone.

The simulator is made of silicone, which follows the curves of the body. Electrodes on their surface have gel pads through which the pulse quickly reaches the muscle fibers. The muscle stimulator has 15 modes, so you can choose the best for you, and then to reduce or increase load on the muscles. Equipment: treadmill, silicone sheets, electrodes, instructions for use (language – Russian).

The principle of operation 89a

Muscles increases with muscle contraction. Muscle fibers begin to grow after receipt of the brain impulse, which occurs when engaging in weight training equipment. Using 89a signals to the muscles act without the participation of the brain. “Butterfly” may replace all or some sets of exercises for legs, arms, back or abs. This method is developed for the modeling of the figures, burn fat fast, get rid of cellulite.

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The price of 89a

In Moscow the set of 89a is freely available. To buy a simulator it is possible in the stationary and online pharmacies (planet health, Good pharmacy, Gorzdrav, Apteka 36,6, Pharmacy of Stolicky, Aptekamos, Evrofarm), as well as on the official website of the manufacturer and on the Internet-stores of goods for the sport. Prices on muscle stimulator range from 1 990 to 3 980 rubles.

Application instructions 89a

Manufacturers recommend the use of the muscle stimulator 89a every day according to the following scheme:

  1. Coating the surface of the simulator of the conductive gel.
  2. The superimposition of the belt and snapping under the individual parameters of the human body.
  3. The inclusion of muscle stimulator, configuring the program.
  4. At the end of training, automatic or manual shutdown of the machine.

Effective training is a milestone, daily, exercise program:

  • Stage 1: preparation and slow warming up, exercise equipment, muscle groups before work.
  • Stage 2: burning of fat mass over the muscles.
  • Step 3: stimulation, trainer, muscle fibers the influence of a point (pulse).
  • Stage 4: the simulator gradually, but significantly reduces the load on the muscles, performs a relaxing (relaxing) massage for 5 minutes.
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Contraindications 89a

Slimming belt 89a promotes muscle contraction due to electrical discharges. For this reason, the use of the simulator is contraindicated in chronic diseases in the stage of swing, bleeding, diabetes (first or second types), pregnancy, presence of cancer, disorders of the nervous system after surgical intervention. Is strictly prohibited use of this facility for diseases of the cardiovascular system, particularly if a built-in pacemaker. Contraindicated to use the trainer immediately after birth.

Can I lose weight with 89a

From the course anatomy and physiology it is known that superficial or deep muscle work after receiving impulses from the Central nervous system (CNS), i.e. the signal came to a finger – he was bent double, for centuries, they were closed. When using the simulator Ems is the same thing, only through the skin surface, muscle tissue is reduced, but not inflated is important.

The pulses are not able to break up fat, so weight loss through stimulants is a well-planned PR campaign of the developers of the simulator. 89a – one of the many muscle stimulation, which are designed for recovery (rehabilitation) muscles of athletes after injuries, patients after operations, not for building muscle.

Incorrect use of the trainer may cause irreparable harm to the muscles. To get relief, muscular body, you need to put a lot of effort in the gym and dramatically change the food system. Overall, to achieve the goal will have to look for a complex solution, one I would not not do.


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