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Today I will tell you about the station for packing baby food, Infantino Squeeze Station. A unique invention which greatly simplifies life and gives the mother the opportunity to take a healthy diet baby outside the home.

To begin with, that will answer the logical question “Why do we need this station?”There are many options:

1. You and your child lead an active lifestyle and you often have to eat outside the home. 2. You try to follow the principles of healthy eating and prefer to let the baby eat healthy, homemade food.3. The invention will last you for years and will probably come in handy even in high school.

The point of the work station is that homemade purees, smoothies, juices quickly and conveniently packaged in soft containers or bottle.

And now I will show you how to actually manage the station. The process takes a couple of minutes.

Soft bags are fixed in a special slot.

On top of the wound bag dispenser.

Then for convenience, you can set the funnel and fill the dispenser with product: yogurt, smoothies, purees, juice.

Press product is pushed into the dispenser.

The filled bag is closed with screw-cap.

If you intend long-term storage (e.g., freezing), the bag is better to write what the product inside and when you made it.

In the refrigerator the product can be stored up to 2 days, in freezer up to 2 months. It is the recommendation of the manufacturer. Unfreeze personally, I recommend at room temperature.

As a reminder about the rules of storing the magnet on the fridge.

The system can be washed in the dishwasher, although the details a bit and wash them manually is not difficult.

Space station also does not take a lot. Everything is compact and convenient. Weighs just 500 g.

The base is rubberized so no slipping on the table.

The plastic is high quality – no smell. All parts of the system are completely safe and do not contain bisphenol-a and polyvinyl chloride.

Included with the station 10 soft packs.

In addition to the station can be purchased: – set of 50 soft packs– soft silicone bottle– spoon– funnel

In our case, the station proved very useful. We in your 9 months not tried canned food, but occasionally you have to eat on the street, in shopping centres, often in restaurants. I pre-cooked mashed potatoes and packaged in soft packs. It happens that the output leave early in the morning and lunch with afternoon snack we are all the same useful and homemade with this station. Even for a snack I take these bags. In the car is always a packet of vegetable soup for me. If you are unable to get home in time for lunch, a snack perfect for me.

To buy such a station can be in Olanta.

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