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There are arguments about what is puree is more suitable for feeding babies first year of life: canned, homogenized or prepared by mom. And that, and the other option has its pluses and minuses, but soft packaging pouch is equally convenient for feeding. If you chose prepare the baby puree, will inevitably raise the question of the packing puree.

Puree in a soft pouch pack or Squeeze Station

Kids love fruit purees in flexible packaging Squeeze Station. Sometimes inveterate “meat eaters” can be persuaded to eat the fruit only through this package. The 333 are convenient at home and on the road, and on the walk.

Store mashed potatoes in doy-pack is convenient, but not cheap. Is there an alternative? Best smoothie recipes for kids

Wrapping station from Infantino Squeeze Station

Station for packing of household food 333 infantino fresh produces smoothies, juices, fruit and vegetable puree and Packed in a reusable bottle capacity 130 ml disposable 333 with a capacity of 118 ml. Is one of the most comfortable, hygienic and popular all over the world stations.

One press Station, fruit and vegetable purees, jellies and juices are packaged in soft reusable bottles and disposable soft packing Infantino. Storing packaged food can be up to 2 days in refrigerator, or up to 2 months in the freezer, defrosting as needed under running hot water or at room temperature.

The main disadvantage of the station – disposability soft bags doy-pack and the possibility of packing only at a specified station, as well as the inability to use pouch packs of other brands.

The bags are sold separately – set of 50 tea bags costs $ 10. Not the budget. The station itself packing 10 bags and reusable bottles in the kit worth more than $ 50. Can be purchased on us websites and Russian representatives of the brand Infantino (USA). Below is a link to a cheap Chinese analog station Infantino on aliexpress.

American reusable stand-up pouches with zip lock

The Americans have other options that can be purchased on amazon either directly or through an intermediary. Please note, none available on the market reusable packages are not compatible with the 333 to Station, which we discussed above. Only it integrated the process of preparation and packing.

Packages doy-pack from Baby Breezza

10 bags doy-pack from Baby Breezza sold at a price of $9.99 on amazon. It would be expensive, but (!) these bags stand up pouch for packing baby purees are reusable. The filling of the bags and rinsing residue from the puree is conveniently carried out from the side, unbuttoning the special zip-lock.

Doy-pack with zip-lock ChooMee

Reusable bags for ChooMee baby food differ from competitors ‘ bright designs and special silicone nozzles. From customer opinions it is clear that attachment is a very useful addition, especially for the little gourmets who are not yet able to independently adjust the flow rate of the mash when using doy-pack. However, they are easily promazyvaetsya and sometimes require replacement (comparable to silicone nipples for strength).

Zip-lock on Squeeze Stations ChooMee completely waterproof. He was a double and very strong.

Set of 8 soft packs for baby puree with zip-closure cost of $19.99. There are cheaper options.

Stand up pouch and zip lock Squooshi

Squooshi reusable packs can be filled by analogy with other packages with zip lock, or using a special gas station – a device resembling a syringe. A set of 6 pack will cost $12.99, and 6 packages gas station — $24.99.

The Squooshi packs a little more in volume than the 333 of other brands.

Reusable pouch Dr.DUDU

Packaging for baby food Dr. DUDU is one of the most budget – 8 pack with dual zip-lock cost $10. The standard amount is 5 ounces, which is about 150 ml.

Reusable packs of other brands

Eco-friendly bags for baby food with zip-lock at the height of fashion in the US, so there are many similar options from other brands: WeeSprout, Goodie Pouches, Reusable Baby Food from Kirecoo, Jungle Squeez…

Most of the goods it is easiest to buy on amazon yourself or through an intermediary.

Soft packaging for baby food the Beaba Babycook

Silicone reusable packaging for baby food the Beaba Babycook

If you don’t want to mess with disposable packages or shopping from abroad, you can use the container-Cup for puree Beaba Babypote. This silicone Cup for puree, with a volume of 150 ml. Disadvantages:

  • price;
  • awkward filling and washing;
  • the impossibility of freezing, which is opposite easy to implement in conventional Squeeze Stations.

only in price – more than 600 rubles. and not too comfortable filling and washing, as well as the impossibility of freezing compared to the bags with zip-fastener.

Reusable pouch packs to store baby food Happy Baby

Reusable spoon pack for baby food Happy Baby sold separately.

The main disadvantage of pouch packs from Happy Baby, the only reusable stand up pouch, represented on the Russian market at the moment is zip-Lok double, and sometimes packages arbitrarily disclosed. Especially at high pressure and maximum filling. Batch capacity is 180 ml. the Main exit from this situation — to fill the packages to 2/3, no more. Well, or to use foreign counterparts. Buy stand up pouch with Zip lock storage baby food Happy Baby

Have a Happy Baby and other interesting devices: spoon-nozzles for stand-up pouches and spouts for standard bottles of water that turns any bottle into a feeding Cup-pot.

Chinese reusable bags for baby food

The Chinese, as always, not far behind the global trend for self-cooking healthy for the baby and release all sorts of devices for easy storage and consumption of various purees and smoothies.

Analog station Infantino of packing and packages for her

Similar to the American station of packing 333 infantino fresh and cheap extra bags for packing station Infantino.

Cheap reusable pouch packs for purees

Large (380 ml) reusable pouch packs for baby purees in the form of animals individually

Reusable pouch packs of 200 ml individually in the form of animals with lobster clasp for fastening

10 reusable pouch packs to store breast milk and mashed potatoes, with a spoon in the kit.

This seller packages with zip-lock different size — from 40 to 170 ml and the highest rating. On the 333 like the American Amazon, it is surprising. However, a free convenient shipping makes to come to terms with this fact.

Most popular, optimal on a ratio the price/quality reusable pouch packs for purees with zip closure. Included 8 PCs capacity 150 ml.

Stand up pouch for baby food new must have

Fill in the soft packaging for baby food with zip-lock can be anything: fruit, meat, vegetable purees, cereals, smoothies, yoghurts, soft cheese and many others!

Conveniently, with self-cooking Mama itself regulates the amount of salt, sugar, other sweeteners or preservatives, the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Is the right nutrition for kids!

Store prepared and packaged by mother mash is recommended no more than 2 days in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer.

It is not surprising that gradually the soft packs for baby puree become “must have” and Russian mom.

Share your ideas and recipes puree for the little picky!

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