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In this category appear useful accessories that make mom’s life easier, more interesting and even fun. Today is her hero – packer baby food, which we were told by Squeeze Station.

I’ve never seen such devices of their friends, so I really wanted to know more about this system of packing. I asked Faith to tell me why you need a packer and how it works. So do not think advertising, we tried for you. But on the page of Faith in instagram still, look, there’s a lot of useful stuff. And if you decide to rent a station, be sure to tell me what he learned about it from me – Faith will make you a 10% discount.

Now wish you a pleasant reading and she read to!

Want to be completely sure that your child eats? Then the invention: system or packer packing baby food from Infantino.

What’s the point?

Purees, smoothies, yogurt, which my mom makes herself at home, vegetables, fruits and berries from my grandmother’s plot using this device for a few minutes Packed in disposable bags and soft bottle.

How does it work?

Using a packing station, Packed in bags doy-pack (118мл) or soft bottle (130ml). Bottle and bag are equally easy to connect to the station.

Why would anyone use this?

۰ You choose only those products that suit your child and monitor the process of cooking mash them, mix the right products, in the proportions that you want. You can think of a lot of their own recipes that are just perfect and your baby will love, create a variety of food, which you will not find ready-made mashed potatoes.

۰ It’s time for the first feeding? Then the packer will rescue you. Kids can feed directly from a bottle or a bag, pressing lightly, and with the help of the spoon-tips Infantino.

۰ the Child is older, you can give a stand up pouch is the most useful homemade yogurt to school. Outwardly, he does not differ from that sold in stores, no one will ask the child: “What’s that?”. Externally not different, but the content… is Always and everywhere the son or daughter will have a fully safe in terms of absence of “additives-preservatives, coloring agents” useful and homemade food.

۰Можно to take a walk, to visit, to the clinic and to feed the baby. It does not get dirty nor child nor mother. The dishes that we usually use “exit” guarantee that something will not spill, will not soil bag no.

۰ conceived Children eat what is advertised and sold in colorful packages in the supermarket, when it is difficult to make him eat cottage cheese from the plate, the same good, which in colorful packaging. There is a solution – to package it into a stand up pouch, stick a bright sticker and give fussy. A lot of kids are just funny out of the package from the packer Infantino, they perceive it as a game, so the increase in appetite is guaranteed.

۰Многие like to do summer homework, because in the summer many useful and delicious vegetables, fruits and berries. Packer “Infantino” is another way to save the vitamins for the winter. Crush berries in a blender or grinder, mix with sugar sand in the desired proportions, pack the sauce in batches and freeze. Here’s vitamin a charge in the winter for tea and pancakes or all-natural topping to the cream cheese.

۰Тем who monitor their diet and figure, adhere to proper nutrition, packer is also useful. You can bring from home delicious and light snack in a smoothie or cottage cheese dessert.

System packaging baby food Infantino includes a series of helpers for mom, from which you can choose one or collect the whole series:

1. Station packing baby food Squeeze Station.

2. The bottle is reusable Keeper 333 (volume 130 ml). You can fill your bottle by hand or with the use of “Station package of baby food Squeeze Station”. Soft bottle is easily filled and also easy to clean, it can be stored in the freezer.

3. Soft bags with a screw cap Squeeze Stationes (volume 118 ml). This bag can be filled with station package of baby food Squeeze Station. The bags are sterilized in the production process, so they are designed for single use. Write on the bag the date of manufacture, the composition puree or stick the funny sticker was interesting to the child

4. Spoon – head Couple a Spoons. The spoon attachment is screwed onto the spout bags and bottles Infantino. For children who love to eat from the spoon!

5. Cup – steamer Steam and Smush. In this Cup you can cook vegetables in a microwave oven and using the press to grind them to puree. Use the cooked puree immediately or store in the refrigerator at your request.

And another very important fact about Infantino products: bags doy-pack and all series of accessories for feeding certified in Russia as utensils for children up to 3 years.


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