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Stumbled upon this miracle from Infantino by accident when I ordered a rain cover for strollers on Amazon, and even doubts have not arisen – I need it! The order made the day before the birth of her son, knowing that he will use the device immediately. And now, the time has come. Looking ahead to say – Yes, it’s a miracle, I do not regret the purchase! So, the opinion about the system of packing baby food from Infantino:

  • Why pack the puree when you can buy ready-made?
  • The appearance of the system system of packing
  • The process of packing puree, possible difficulties
  • Accessories to the system
  • Video
  • Prices in the US and in Italy

Why pack the puree when you can buy ready-made Squeeze Station?

The idea alone of puree packaged in bags with a resealable lid brilliant! Store puree all good, except for one thing – they are extremely monotonous. But in addition to thoughts about the combination of different flavors in one pack, I was attracted by the idea of packing it country vegetables, fruits and berries. I know that they are perfect, seasonal and grown in the region where the baby was born. A simple formula of success!

Appearance system packing 333 :

Barely waiting for the start time of feeding I started to test the filling station from Infantino. Here is the box:

The kit includes a container, press, and 10 packs. I had to buy another pack of 50 packets.

How to use Squeeze Station:

Everything is very simple. You need to screw the pack to the container, fill it with any sauce and push to the package press. Screw the lid on the package and you’re done!

The press pushes the puree is good, but too hard to press is not necessary, because it can happen that the mash will be pressed through the walls up, and if you try it back to back, mashed package for pressure go out of the package back. So be careful, without haste.

All parts of the system can be washed in the dishwasher. This is important to me, I hate to wash by hand.

What else can be purchased with your system packing Squeeze Station:

Filling to set, you can purchase the right accessories. I bought a spoon that can be screwed onto the package.

Very convenient to feed the baby, who still doesn’t understand how to suck the food out of the package. In a set of these spoons for two.

You can still buy a bottle that can be filled with not only thick, but more liquid puree, also through the system.

Later learned that in addition to such a set as I have, there are more fancy the packaging, which includes a frame and three tanks instead of one. Than it is easier? No need to keep capacity in hand, it can simply clip on the frame. Station in contrast to simple set you can buy not just on Amazon, but in Russia, for example in Obstetrics or Ozone.

Here is a video on how to use the station:

Prices in the USA and in Italy:

In the States, this now costs $ 20 + shipping, which depends on what products you have bought and what is broker driven. I normally manage the delivery around 14-15 dollars per kg. the Station weighs with packing 500 gr. I would have paid about $ 7 + $ 1 insurance + $ 1 handling parcel as a mediator. All for about 29 dollars or 1624 of the ruble. Much more profitable than in Russia, where prices start from 2800 rubles. If there is a discount or loyalty card, a little cheaper, but not enough to refuse the temptation to buy in the States. And if you don’t want to wait a month, you can overpay

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