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Baby puree, homemade jagruti, jelly, cereal and Smoothies in the package doy-pack easy to make at home!

It’s simple: one press Packer any purees and smoothies are packaged in soft packaging doy-pack and bottles Infantino.

Bags doy-pack and all series of accessories for feeding Infantino certified as utensils for children up to 3 years.

Instagram rezeptservice security How it works?

2 months store in the freezer

2 days store in the refrigerator

118 ml. volume of bags, sterilized in the manufacturing process

Never worry on the part of the purchase of baby pyureshek.

For girls on a diet and adherents of a healthy food, Smoothies, packaged in soft packing will be a real stick wand.On the road, or at home – always at hand will be useful food for your baby for older child and You.

The original and comfortable!The system of packing baby food from Infantinо uses high quality materials, accessible technology, and a practical approach to making baby food. In addition, this System is incredibly easy to use! Enough to squeeze out the puree with one button press at a press Station in soft bags or in reusable bottles Infantino. Ready! Now the filled bag is convenient to use at home or to take along on a walk or long-drive.

It’s convenient packaging for kids who already want to be independent – the child can open the lid and eat when he wants. However, he won’t get dirty!

Lightweight and compact Station ergonomic look to your kitchen table, does not occupy a lot of space, well cleaned after use, allow washing in a dishwasher.

You choose only those products that suit your child and monitor the process of mashing them. In addition, you can use ready meals: yogurt, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, pudding or any other foods for the baby.

Packaged under pressure in sterile bags, vegetable and fruit purees stay fresh longer, not succumbing to the processes of putrefaction in the absence of air and nutrient medium for bacteria. Recommended storage periods in a refrigerator for up to 2 days, in freezer up to 2 months.System packaging baby food infantino includes a unique series of helpers for mothers, from which you can choose one or collect the whole series:Station packing baby food Squeeze Station. With one click, you can put a delicious homemade sauce in disposable Soft bags with a screw cap Squeeze Stationes or Reusable bottle for baby food Keeper Squeeze Station.

The bottle is reusable Keeper Squeeze Station. You can fill your bottle by hand or with the use of the Station package of baby food Squeeze Station. Soft bottle is easily filled and easily cleaned, it can be stored in the freezer.

Soft bags with a screw cap Squeeze Stationes. This bag can be filled with Station package of baby food Squeeze Station. Write on the bag the date of manufacture or the composition of the mash and will appreciate fully the ease of use and ease of storage of baby food bags Infantino!

Spoon – head Couple a Spoons. The spoon attachment is screwed onto the spout bags and bottles infantino. For children who love to eat from the spoon!

Cup – steamer Steam and Smush. In this Cup you can cook vegetables in a microwave oven and using the press to grind them to puree. Use the cooked puree immediately or store in the refrigerator at your request.

Reminder about storing the pieces in bags doy-pack:

Do not heat in a microwave oven or boiling water. Check the freshness of the contents of the bag before giving to a child. Do not use damaged bags. Do not use bags again, you may hit other particles of food or bacteria. Consult your pediatrician to make sure that the child is ready to introduction of new types of foods. Keep cap out of reach of children. Let the baby food bags only under adult supervision.


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